About this website



The data on this site is a representation of a Pre-Flight Information Bulletin (PIB) issued by the Royal Netherlands Airforce on behalf of the gliding community. Neither the developer of this website, nor the Aero Club Salland, which hosts this website, can be held accountable for any error in presentation of current NOTAMs.


The raw data from the PIB currently displayed on this website is available in XML here.

Update schedule

Notam data on this webpage is updated every morning shortly after 06.00 LT.

Why in English?

The long answer why this site in completely in English is that the AIP is in English too and sticking to English will make the information on this site accessible to those who do not speak Dutch. The short answer is that making the website multilingual is more work. :-)

Browser compatibility

This website should work fine on all modern browsers, back to Internet Explorer 8 & 9, although no guarantees are given. The map view works best on computers with a good graphical processor, but without one, you should be able to use this view, but perhaps the graphics will not work as smoothly.


Notams are presented in one of three views. Every NOTAM in the source PIB is visible, though the map view offers the possibility to filter for NOTAMs with certain subjects.


The map shows NOTAMs of scopes 'en-route' and 'navigation warning' with a radius of 100NM or less. This radius of a NOTAM is drawn as a circle on the map. The threshold of 100NM is used because many NOTAMs of an administrative nature have radii of up to 999NM, which clutter the mapview unneccesarily.

Furthermore, NOTAMs can be filtered out based on their subject. NOTAMs with one of the following subjects are filtered out by default, but can be switched on manually using the 'Filter' in the bottom navigation bar in the Map view:

Subject Description
OBCE Obstacle Erected
WSLW Burning or gas Blowing Will Take Place
OLAS Obstacle Lights Unservicable
NBXX Non-directional Radio Beacon (Free Text Message)
NVCT VOR On Test. Do Not Use
NBLS Non-directional Radio Beacon Subject To Interruption
NVAS VOR Unserviceable
NBAS Non-directional Radio Beacon Unserviceable
NNAS TACAN Unserviceable
NDAS Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Unserviceable
NXAS Direction Finding Station Unserviceable
NMAS VOR/DME Unserviceable
CALT Air To Ground Facility Limited To...
NMXX VOR/DME (Free Text Message)
NTAS VORTAC Unserviceable
NBCT Non-directional Radio Beacon On Test. Do Not Use.
NMCT VOR/DEM On Test. Do Not Use.
NVXX VOR (Free Text Message)
OBXX Obstacle (Free Text Message)
OLXX Obstacle Lights (Free Text Message)
NNCT TACAN On Test. Do Not Use.
NDCT Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) On Test. Do Not Use.
NTCT VORTAC On Test Do Not Use
NNXX TACAN (Free Text Message)

The aerodromes view lists the NOTAMs relevant to a number of Dutch airfields. These NOTAMs are not displayed on the map, but the airfields are shown on the map with the icon.

Other NOTAMs

All NOTAMs not displayed on the map or listed in the Aerodromes view are listed in the Other view.


In some cases, a NOTAM is better suited to another view than the one it is placed in based on the rules stated above. Examples are trigger NOTAMs that remind pilots of changes to the AIP. Based on the rules stated above, these NOTAMs would be shown on the map somewhere north of Den Helder. This unneccesarily clutters the map view. In these cases a NOTAM can be forced to appear in another view. Please contact the webmaster if you feel a NOTAM is better suited to another view.


Notams are included in the PIB based on the following parameters:


Only NOTAMs valid for the current day are included in this website.


Notams in the area bounded by the following coordinates are shown on this website:

  • 51°15'N 003°00'W
  • 53°30'N 004°30'W
  • 53°30'N 010°00'W
  • 51°00'N 010°00'W
  • 50°03'N 005°03'W

VFR Only

This site shows VFR NOTAMs only.


Notams active between FL0 and FL150 are shown in this website.


Development of this website will continue at a leisurely pace. These are some of the features that are being worked on. Please send suggestions to the webmaster.

Showing NOTAMs for tomorrow

The current NOTAM data contains what's relevant for today. It would be nice to also see what will be relevant tomorrow. A request was made to the NOTAM office to include NOTAMs for tomorrow as well.

Custom shapes on the map

In some cases, NOTAMs describe areas that are not circles. These areas come in sets of coordinates in the NOTAM text. It is not possible to draw these area on the map fully automatically, but it should be possible to get this done without too much handywork. This is being worked on.

Airspace on the map

The airspace layer is provided, courtesey of the Skylines project: http://www.skylines.aero


Printing a notam, including a map image, to PDF is being looked into.

Saving user settings

Perhaps it will prove handy to save your own settings, so you do not need to set these every time you use the site. Depends on whether you find it useful.

Sharing NOTAMs via social media

It would be nice to be able to share NOTAMs directly via Facebook and/or Twitter. This is being looked into.